Dear All

Autumn Drag 2020/21 Season

When signing up to attend an event you must complete the digital COVID-19 questionnaire, (link below). This must be submitted to the club prior to 14:00hrs the day before the planned event. If you fail to comply with this requirement you will be excluded from joining that days event. These records will be deleted after 8 weeks.

As we enter the new season Kingdom Blazers are committed to promoting the Autumn Drag in a safe and socially responsible manner whilst operating within the Government Guidelines.  This letter sets out how we intend to follow their Guidelines. We need to recognise that this is a time of national sensitivity and all those participating in Drag activities must follow the protocols and behave with courtesy and respect towards members of the public. As you can appreciate, public perception is critical, and our conduct must take this into consideration as well as minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission. 

All followers must undertake a self-assessment for any Covid-19 symptoms before leaving home to participate in any drag activities. If you, or someone in your household, has symptoms of Covid-19 you must continue to follow strict self-isolation for 10 days should you show any symptoms of Covid-19, or 14 days should any member of your household show signs of Covid-19. 

  1. Numbers attending

We are obliged to follow Government advice and may need to restrict the numbers of Drag supporters participating on any one particular day (both mounted and on foot). Currently, the maximum number allowed to participate in an outdoor organised activity is 200 but split up into bubbles of 30. However, the most we can allow is 2 bubbles of 30 mounted participants. Participants on foot are obliged to observe current social distancing guidelines.

  • Mounted Followers

Mounted followers should follow the instructions of the Field Master and other Drag officials at all times and socially distance wherever possible.  The field may be requested to stand separately or in small groups to respect social distancing.

To enable us to have a track & trace system and to keep control of numbers we intend to confirm the timing and start of each days drag 2 days in advance. By 12 noon on the day before the drag  any person who wishes to participate the following day should email

Unfortunately, due to the limitations on numbers we may not be able to welcome visitors or non regulars for the time being.

All applicants will  be advised of  the attendance list by 2pm of the preceding day before the event.

  • Foot and Car Followers – Social distancing should be adhered to at all times whether stationary or walking.  Followers should be restricted to discrete group limits (in line with Government guidance) and spread out as much as practicably possible.
  • Travelling and Parking – horse boxes should be parked in such a way that allows maintenance of any social distancing requirements between riders, drivers, grooms and followers.  People should avoid travelling with persons outside their household; if you are in a situation where it is necessary to do so, the appropriate mitigation measures should be in place (such as facemasks). 
  • Meets – There will be no meets. Mounted followers will gather just before the stated time when the drag will commence.
  • Money – All dues must be paid for through Equo Events prior to the event.
  • Food, Car Boots and Flasks – there should not be any communal food disseminated during the day and followers should not share flasks with others. 
  • Gates, Fencing and Gate Latches – We advise that Drag followers should not unnecessarily touch, go through, or lean on fence lines or gates.  Due to the Covid restrictions the gathering of mounted followers must stay together at all times albeit respecting social distancing rules. Where possible only one person should open and shut a particular gate and all should bring gloves and hand sanitiser with them.
  • Face Masks and Hand Sanitising Gel – all followers should take hand sanitising gel, protective gloves and a facemask with them in case they are needed to help in an emergency or other situation where social distancing is not possible. 
  1. Track and Trace – Details of all those participating on any one day will be kept by club officials for 21 days.  If you are asked for details, please co-operate for NHS Track and Trace purposes. 
  1. Social Media – Any social media posts should remain sensitive and respectful to the overall feeling of caution as lockdown is easing.  Photographs or video footage used throughout the season should clearly demonstrate that the relevant government guidelines are being adhered to.  
  1. It may be necessary to change or cancel meets at short notice or restrict members participating if additional local restrictions are put in place.  Please check communications from the club regularly and follow instructions as applicable. 

If you are unclear about any of the protocols in place, or have queries about participating, please email . We appreciate these rules  may constrain everyone’s ability to be out as much as they would like and as soon as we are able we will update these guidelines with the hope that we will be able to operate in an unrestricted manner.

We look forward to a good season ahead.  Please make sure you do everything you can to adhere to all Government guidance and the instructions issued to us. 

Thank you

Kingdom Blazers