Drag hunting became popular in the early 19th Century when both Oxford and Cambridge universities established packs of hounds. The British Army soon got involved – because of the great preparation for anyone who wanted to serve in the mounted cavalry divisions – and the Household Cavalry established a pack in 1863, with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Royal Military Academy Woolwich following suit in 1870.


A trail of artificial scent is laid for a pack of hounds to follow and the field of riders and horses follow them without many knowing where it might go. It’s similar to a cross-country course because it follows a pre-set route, and also has lots of jumps, but you ride alongside all the other horses. In short, it’s brilliant fun! After your first time out, nearly everyone, no matter how nervous beforehand, finishes with a big smile on their faces.

We usually cover around 20 jumps per day.  If you don’t want to jump, that’s absolutely fine – there are always options. There are always plenty of helpers on duty.  They are happy to help anyone who is feeling daunted.


We are very fortunate to be able to ride over many different areas of Fife, thanks to the generosity of a great number of farmers and landowners.  You can find out where we will meet each week on our club events page.  We try to publish details a few weeks in advance.


Drag hunting starts in October and we meet every Saturday until early March the following year. We set off at 12 noon and follow the first line. There’s a break of around 20 mins before we set off on the second line. The day usually finishes at 2.30pm with a hack home.


We would recommend a hacking jacket or cross-country attire, preferably with a back protector and stock.  BS approved hats are compulsory.  Horses should be clean and presentable and your tack must be in good working order.


We are currently limited to 30 followers and so you must register and pay online in advance. Each follower must also complete the Covid form on the homepage before the day of the hunt. Please be aware that we must retain your details for 28 days for track and trace purposes.  

The cap for the day is usually £50 for adults and £20 for children. 

Click here to register for events and pay online.


  • Your horse must be fit 
  • If your horse kicks, you must tie a red ribbon into its tail.
  • If your horse is new to the sport, or you’re not sure whether it kicks, you must tie a green ribbon into its tail as a warning.
  • Please follow directions from the stewards at all times and keep away from crops – our sport relies on the goodwill of the farmers.

By subscribing to join an event you agree to abide by the above rules. Kingdom Blazers cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage.